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James A. Rockridge - Author

James A. Rockridge's debut novel, "SAVING LILY -The Enders Game," is the second full-length work in the multi-generational series, "A NATHAN CREEKMORE THRILLER." The first one in the series, "The Robin's Nest," chronicles. An earlier Nathan Creekmore generation, which will arrive soon.

He was born in 1961 in the tiny town of Bruce, Mississippi. 


James identifies himself as a Southerner. His dialect, cliches, mannerisms, and worldview are products of Backwood religion and mama's down-home cooking.

When James isn't spinning his own smart and witty yarns, he spends time reading great writers' works, watching a favorite movie, or traveling with his beloved wife, Kim. Together, they visit their grandkids or spend a weekend in a unique town to soak up the sights and sounds. By the way, Kim is married to a singer, songwriter, and novelist.

While she is admiring the scenery, James jots down book ideas.

James is the proud father of five wonderful men, five gorgeous daughters-in-law, seven beautiful granddaughters, and six mischievous grandsons.

Having spent thirty-five years designing and building homes and churches, he's learned that there's nothing more frightening than an empty church on a black night. He's come to know that if he were a character in one of his novels, he'd last, maybe, ten minutes.

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