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James Rockridge's BOOKS


A passionate writer, someone who knows how to make your head tick, your hair stand, and your senses stand up in attention. Whenever you read a James. A. Rockridge's novel, the writing style will captivate you. The way he magically turns each sentence into something marvelous and horrifically perfect. His debut novel, Saving Lily - The Enders Game, will soon come to your nearest bookstore. 

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Saving Lily - The Enders Game

Two runover dogs lay in the highway on the same day when Nathan and Anna met. . . again, after ten years. Something that seemed to be serendipity was all but that.


After only a few days of courtship, Nathan and Anna got married. He thought this union was the answer to all his prayers. However, it became a call to live a nightmare from which he would have a high price to pay if he ever wanted to wake up. . . or stay alive.

An old presence, something, some kind of creature, was behind on handling his destiny. Each minute of his life, even from before he was born, had been carefully planned. Each puzzle piece had been slowly moved to ideally configure his actions.


Nathan is flung into a world of horror, despair, and sadness after losing his most precious gift, his babies. He didn't know it was all part of a sadistic religious cult, which had trapped him. The only way to free himself was by saving Lily. But, who is Lily? Does she even exist?


A fantastic thriller that will keep you awake! James A. Rockridge's debut novel: Saving Lily - The Enders Game. A Nathan Creekmore Thriller, Book One.

The Robin's Nest book cover (Provisional)
The Robin's Nest

​In 1840, young Nathan Creekmore inherited a cotton Plantation with over a hundred workers. Within two weeks, they disappear, except for ten of them. They are traded for seven “animals broke to the bridle,” coming straight out from New Orleans, Louisiana. 

How to profit from those creatures is unknown to him. Until one day, a mother Robin speaks to him from the well behind his Mansion. 

Her ideas were marvelous to hear. Creekmore's life is normal for a while. Until Nathan discovers a weakness in their plan, people can't stay alive!


What can Nathan do to save them? If he wants to save them at all.

The Yellow Rose of Schoona Book Cover (Provisional)
The Yellow Rose
of Schoona
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