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By James A. Rockridge

I prefer to read the latest novel narrating how a mutant of unknown origin ransacked a small southern town. I'm into monster horror, especially if supernatural or paranormal elements are thrown in for good measure.

I adore haunted houses stories, but more than that, I'm fascinated with inflight passenger jets loaded with the overtly superstitious, psychotic flight crew and a cache of vengeful ghosts eager to draw some blood.

So, why am I reading a romance novel now? That's a good question and one I ask myself quite often. I've read two or three ballads over the years. In 2004, Pamela Griffin published A Single Rose. Well, and because that happens to be my sister's name, I bought a copy and read it. It was a nice Christian-oriented love story that entertained me till the end.

Recently, I picked up To Forgive. Divine, written by Melissa Lea Leedom, I am halfway through it as I compose this post.

Book by Melissa Lea Leedom
To Forgive. Divine.

Bonnie Callaway has two children she adores and spends most of her busy time taking care of them. She's a widowed, a believer, and a person more than willing to wait on the Lord's hand when it comes to love.

Then, she met Jeff. Their relationship goes well for a time until he hears unflattering rumors about Bonnie. Such gossips cause quite a stir among a few churchgoers, casting cold water on what Bonnie considered a growing bond.

Admittedly, I'm a bit entangled in the story at this point. That's saying a lot coming from me.

I highly recommend the book, even if you aren't a romance reader. I'm enjoying it, and I will buy Melissa's next one.

To Forgive. Divine is a well-written tale. The primary characters are reflective, caring, and multidimensional. As a writer, I envy Melissa's writing abilities, especially her skill for character development. Her story comes alive with real people. Characters you believe in and hope for getting what they deserve in life. I'm not sure how the story ends, but I do know there'll be quite a few ups and downs before getting there.

Video creation and edited text by Alpheria-Publishing.

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